Operator Rounds

Implement a digitized O&M logging system for your facility to automate routine tasks and reduce man hours.

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Collect & review plant data

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Collect field operations data from mobile devices on the go

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Establish operator routes with assets to be checked during inspections

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Record meter readings and observations with or without wifi

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Improve shift handover

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Share critical information from each shift with all stakeholders

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Configure logbooks and handover structures based on operator needs

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Lock, approve, and sign-off shifts from anywhere on a mobile device

Standardize procedures

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Ensure procedures are followed with live status updates from the facility

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Get notified when data is entered and provide instant feedback

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Log events and observations, easily guide workers with remote expertise

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Leverage our solution for Operator Rounds



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Shailesh Yadav

Asst. Manager, Civil Maint, BPCL (MR)

It was a wonderful experience working with the team at Maximl Labs during our Shutdown. You guys filled the most important gap that has existed i.e., the gap in inter-personal or inter-department/section communication. This time all information was available to me at all times through your solution and I did not have to go through the pain of calling a meeting every time I had to discuss or covey something important. And all this was made so simple and user friendly with the interactive interface, avoiding any complexities. It felt like an upgrade from a retail market to online shopping.

Some key highlights were:

  • Monitoring of critical path, especially when its constantly changing
  • Effective communication and follow-up workflows
  • Centralized knowledge with overall progress of all the jobs