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Singapore’s refining major streamlines valve maintenance to improve on-field productivity



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Key Results

Key Results

8% increase in field engineer productivity

Key Results

Quality issues resolved within a day as opposed to ≈7 days


Multiple stakeholders were involved in the maintenance, repair, and replacement of relief valve, including contractor(s), maintenance, and inspections personnel. Moreover, multiple communication channels were being used by stakeholders including mail, paper trail, EAM, and phone calls, which resulted in two critical problems:

  • Little visibility on timelines and quality checks.
  • Weekly/fortnightly meetings to resolve technical problems leading to delays.
  • Paper based workflows provided no opportunity for data analysis and required retyping inputs into EAM.


Maximl digitalized SRC’s workflow for managing valve maintenance. Our platform enabled seamless collaboration among internal and external stakeholders across Maintenance, Inspection, Quality, Contractors, and others.


Digital Workflows

Valve maintenance entails a number of steps such as valve removal checklist, pre-test details, dis-assembly and inspection, valve repair checklist, quality control, and valve installation checklist that are carried out by teams such as Quality Assurance, Inspection, Maintenance, and external contractors. Our Digital Workflows connected multiple stakeholders to enable them to collaborate on each valve’s maintenance workflow.

Media based collaboration

The image annotation functionality in Maximl allowed users to take images of the valve as it went through various steps to create a visual record, and it also allowed managers to see progress on the ground in real-time.

Organization Knowledge

Digital maintenance of the valves ensures all data is stored and analyzed to create an organizational knowledge base that is evolving and searchable by anyone who needs the information. The rich data led to an interactive engaging solution which is easy to use.

Shutdown Preparations

The organization gets a view of the maintenance done during shutdown (vs. daily maintenance), which helps them plan their activities for the future.

Rich Insights for Stakeholders

Maximl’s inbuilt dashboard sends customized reports to every stakeholder to help them track progress and gain insights across valve maintenance workflows. Stakeholders could further modify or enhance the reports as per priority.

About Maximl

Maximl’s Connected Worker platform is built to drive adoption among deskless workers and enable Standard Work Implementation on the field. Our low code platform hosts a powerful suite of mobile-first solutions that are customization-friendly and scalable.


Digitize thousands of rigid paper-based SOPs and covert them into interactive work instructions that can be deployed within weeks.


Trigger corrective actions based on deviations recorded in key metrics.


Conduct digital inspections across the value chain- from industrial assets, workshops, warehouses, to contract partner locations.


Leverage rich analytics to continuously enhance workforce performance with digital implementation of Kaizen, Six Sigma and Lean initiatives.

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