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Planning for a shutdown?

Does budget and schedule overruns seem familiar?

80% of all turnarounds do not meet established goals.

Approximately 1 in 4 turnarounds are considered to be total “train wreck” failures

What is the root cause of STO overruns?

STO presents a unique management challenge where complex industrial assets are overhauled in a stringent HSE environment involving intricate tasks with multiple equipment, tools and units, to be performed by interdependent teams across large sites.

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5 pillars for successful Turnaround

Completing the pre-defined scope of TA maintenance on time and within allocated budget, while maintaining high quality and EHS standards


  • Departments working in silos
  • Reliable and real time data missing
  • Unconnected system of records
  • Time sensitive decision making
  • Complex Collaborative Activities
  • High Volume of Activities
  • High Quality Standards
  • Rigorous Safety Standards

Why optimizing STOs matter?

50 %

of maintenance budget is consumed by Turnarounds

40 %

40% of turnarounds suffer delays due to scope creep

30 %

30% cost saving opportunity in turnaround management

Is there a smarter way to manage STO?

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Configure permissions and increase visibility of scope to minimize scope creep

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Initiate worklist requests with a single click

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3X faster prioritization of maintenance activities through integrated budget and criticality metrics

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2X Faster decision making with real-time dashboards

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Fully integrated with CMMS and ERP

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Scope requisition and approval on single
platform for all departments

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Centralised tracking of resources/materials/service contracts

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Measure preparedness index for superior decision making

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Integrated data management i.e., reference documents, schematics, IWL

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Easy integration with ERP for procurement status

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Drag and drop from industry standard data base (sequence, duration) for faster planning

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Create your own industry data base for every asset; enabling benchmarking/standardization

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Real time collaboration between peers for better review mechanism

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Import finalized scope into your schedule in a click (WBS) 

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Create once, share across sites and run them anywhere, anytime.

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Easy integration of post data on ERP

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Real time update of job from the shopfloor

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Integrated system to track defects status with evidence proofing and audit trails (Before and After of asset)

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Get real-time update of jobs with rich media from the shopfloor

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Real time dashboards and automated reports for faster & data-driven decision making

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Live schedule monitoring and QA/QC compliance of every asset

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Digital repository of actuals and history of actions taken by users of every task

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Centralized knowledge management with curated asset data of every turnaround and benchmark across sites

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Rich media captured in turnaround

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Digital repository of asset QA/QC compliance with audit trails (before and after)

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Benchmarking of asset data across timeline and sites

Our Customers Gain


Decrease in total turnaround duration


Elimination in unplanned operational delay


Faster action resolution


Reduction in execution time for equipment box up


Reduction in execution time for equipment box up


Reduction in total turnaround cost

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Maximl has deployed the STO solution for industry leaders in 100+ digital refinery turnarounds

Listen from our clients


Maximl helped BPCL to optimize their Asset Monitoring

“Maximl Asset Monitoring tool is an effective solution, gives us continuous feedback and visibility of the status of the activity”

Maintenance Head



Maximl helped Indian Oil to streamline their shutdown activities

“Maximl STO tool assisted us in regular monitoring of shutdown activities, delay aversion of critical tasks and structured daily reviews with management”


IOCL, Paradip

Maximl helped Hindustan petroleum to take real-time critical decisions on field

“Maximl’s Project Management solution unifies data from multiple users on to a shared platform in near real-time. This helps us take quick decisions during schedule sensitive projects like Refinery Turnaround.”

Maintenance Planning Head


Maximl helped Reliance Industries Limited to optimize their STO processes

“Maximl’s solution helped us greatly in efficient collaboration on shutdown activities, dynamic CP analysis and automated dashboards for reporting.”

Group Lead, CoE

Reliance Industries Limited

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Shailesh Yadav

Asst. Manager, Civil Maint, BPCL (MR)

It was a wonderful experience working with the team at Maximl Labs during our Shutdown. You guys filled the most important gap that has existed i.e., the gap in inter-personal or inter-department/section communication. This time all information was available to me at all times through your solution and I did not have to go through the pain of calling a meeting every time I had to discuss or covey something important. And all this was made so simple and user friendly with the interactive interface, avoiding any complexities. It felt like an upgrade from a retail market to online shopping.

Some key highlights were:

  • Monitoring of critical path, especially when its constantly changing
  • Effective communication and follow-up workflows
  • Centralized knowledge with overall progress of all the jobs