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Recognition from Tata Innovista

Named after serial entrepreneur and Indian Industrialist J.R.D Tata, Tata Innovista is a ‘unique one Tata’ platform for promoting innovation within businesses. Every year, the prestigious Tata finalists have their work showcased and are given the opportunity to network with the best emerging minds inside and outside their industry. 

Participating in the group-wide initiative encourages and motivates the teams and promotes a culture of collaborative innovation, learning and sharing. Tata Innovista demonstrates the ability of our teams to solve real business problems with innovative solutions, their focus on creating visible impact and the intrapreneur culture. 

The overarching goal of Tata Innovista is to show deserving intrapreneurs that their innovations matter, amplify the impact of their innovations and foster an innovation culture that encourages them to produce more outstanding work. 

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