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Landing Soft in Canada

Maximl is thrilled to participate in the 8th edition of the NextBigIdea (NBI). The NBI, one of the top transatlantic programs for Indian businesses, was founded on a mission to ‘help Indian tech start-ups expand to Canada’. The success of the 7 prior editions – 49 start-ups soft-landed in Canada, 8 headquartered in North America, and 17 who have set up offices in global markets – has cemented NBI as a prime driver of Indian expansionism across the globe.

 ‘We do have a very strict selection process that not only includes interviews and pitches with the ZSI team, but also meetings with our partners in Canada. And because we have selected only those Startups that have the right product-market-fit, and are ready to take the plunge into doing business in Canada, we have been able to create such a significant impact’.  –  NBI

This year’s NextBigIdea will feature three programs: NBI Webtalks, NBI Pre-Landing Program, and NBI Local Immersion Program. The respective programs are geared to create awareness, prepare and immerse Maximl and the other participants into the business world of Canada and North America.

Maximl’s Connected Worker Platform enables real-time communication, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration. The customization capabilities allow factories to tweak the platform based on their peculiar needs, involve every stakeholder along the digitalization journey, even as they gain maximum operational value from the solution. 

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