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More recognition for innovation

Maximl labs was a shortlisted entrant in the Top innovators category at the 2017 Economic Times Start-up awards. Besides bringing even more exposure to Maximl’s work, this nomination provided an opportunity for our founders to learn from expert feedback and optimize our processes for greater impact. One of the judges, Prashanth Prakash, a partner at Accel India, spoke on how the jury arrived at their decision: 

It is important to see if an entrepreneur is inclined towards a particular type of business and how sincere the individual is. It is also essential for the founding team to complement each other. Founders being humble is important too. Businesses in India take time to mature. There will be a lot of changes, including dynamics in competition, scaling. All through this, the ability to learn and quickly experiment should be there in a founder. 

Maximl provides hardware and software that help large industry sectors such as oil and gas manage their complex processes, reduce downtime and increase efficiency.  

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