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Improve safety and manage risk of non-compliance across your sites.

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Centralize safety documentation and protocols

A safety-first culture necessitates that stakeholders have easy and convenient access to safety resources. Their safety should not be jeopardized by poorly disseminated updates across the shop floor.
Our digital platform provides a resource center where workers can comb through safety sheets with a minimal time lag – using search tabs and rich keyword filters – and proactively prepare to better handle hazardous situations.

Also, updates to safety procedures can be shared in real-time for assimilation and enterprise-wide compliance with OSHA and globally recognized standards.

Implement corrective measures at speed

No matter how water-tight an accident prevention strategy appears, simple probability suggests that an accident (or a near-miss) will occur at some point. When this happens, you want to be promptly notified so that you can affect corrective measures and forestall a reoccurrence in the future.

The simplicity and convenience of our Connected Worker platform foster a near-miss reporting culture – allowing workers to fill in reports from their mobile devices anywhere and at any time. It supports the attachment of images, videos, and supplementary
descriptions for an in-depth reporting of the accident or near-miss.
This holistic information enables management teams to rapidly assign corrective measures and guide them through close.

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Resiliently store historical accident and near-miss reports

Storing critical safety data on paper poses many challenges. Paper can be destroyed, lost, or have its content invalidated over time. Such a scenario, affects the factory’s ability to gain valuable insight into accident trends, prepare for safety audits, or tailor worker on-boarding/safety training using real-life scenarios.

Maximl’s Connected Worker solution enables a centralized and cloud-based knowledge center which remedies all the aforementioned issues. It is resilient and can safely store information regrading pending audits, training, or referrals.

Digitizing safety reports makes it easy to analyze the trends and fine-tune the accident prevention strategy by comparing corrective measures vis-á-vis the initial accidents.

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Shailesh Yadav

Asst. Manager, Civil Maint, BPCL (MR)

It was a wonderful experience working with the team at Maximl Labs during our Shutdown. You guys filled the most important gap that has existed i.e., the gap in inter-personal or inter-department/section communication. This time all information was available to me at all times through your solution and I did not have to go through the pain of calling a meeting every time I had to discuss or covey something important. And all this was made so simple and user friendly with the interactive interface, avoiding any complexities. It felt like an upgrade from a retail market to online shopping.

Some key highlights were:

  • Monitoring of critical path, especially when its constantly changing
  • Effective communication and follow-up workflows
  • Centralized knowledge with overall progress of all the jobs