Shutdowns, Turnarounds, & Outages

Trusted by giants across verticals, Maximl is the leading solution provider for digital STOs.

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Maximl has deployed the STO solution for industry leaders in 100+ digital refinery turnarounds

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User-based benefits

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Collaboration – faster solution on constraints, contextual conversation at task level, faster field decision

Collaboration 1

Productivity improvement of >5%

Collaboration 2

Potential delay aversion of 20-24 hours, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars

Collaboration 3

40% shorter review meeting – less conflicts and more pointed discussion

Collaboration 4

~ 60% reduction in execution time for equipment box up


Manage planning & scheduling

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Choose from hundreds of predefined templates

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Standardize and benchmark across multiple sites

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Allow departments heads to digitally review and approve the plans before finalizations

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Share read-only versions of the plan with your contractors

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Streamline execution with automated workflows Image

Streamline execution with automated workflows

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Control project metrics with inbuilt critical chain algorithm to identify task delays, critical issues, etc.

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Rapidly digitalize workflows like valve installation checklist, blinding and deblinding checklist, hydro-test tracking, etc.

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Star task-based discussion threads for high priority items

Enable real-time collaboration

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Get real-time progress updates directly from the field

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Deliver remote expertise on critical problems to avoid delays

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Enable collaboration across all levels and eliminate frequent one-on-one meetings

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Automated & enhanced reporting

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Automatically generate all major reports and KPI dashboards

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Curate read-only reports for people to access pictures and issues from previous turnarounds

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Get comprehensive reports to monitor turnaround readiness status

Leverage our solution for Shutdown, Turnaround, & Outages



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Shailesh Yadav

Asst. Manager, Civil Maint, BPCL (MR)

It was a wonderful experience working with the team at Maximl Labs during our Shutdown. You guys filled the most important gap that has existed i.e., the gap in inter-personal or inter-department/section communication. This time all information was available to me at all times through your solution and I did not have to go through the pain of calling a meeting every time I had to discuss or covey something important. And all this was made so simple and user friendly with the interactive interface, avoiding any complexities. It felt like an upgrade from a retail market to online shopping.

Some key highlights were:

  • Monitoring of critical path, especially when its constantly changing
  • Effective communication and follow-up workflows
  • Centralized knowledge with overall progress of all the jobs