Ensure equipment uptime and yield with Connected Asset Inspections

Improve quality, productivity, and knowledge sharing across your manufacturing operation.

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The current condition of asset inspection is

69% of the industries follow paper-based asset inspection

87% of the manufacturers do not have real-time visibility of job execution

47% of the unplanned breakdown happen due to lack of compliance in inspection rounds

Why organizations need Connected Asset Inspection?

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Reduce/Eliminate breakdowns

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Determine operational bottlenecks

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Identify issues in quality and compliance systems

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Store compliance information

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Implement protocols for secure access

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5 pillars for successful Asset Inspection Operations

Asset inspection operations are complex and often performed using static and ambiguous SOPs and reporting is not instantaneous

Why optimizing asset inspection operations matter?

20 %

20% of total unplanned downtime can be prevented by standardized inspection practices

15 %

15% improvement in MTBF is possible with regularized asset inspections

23 %

23% of safety incidences can be avoided by timely inspection practices

Is there a smarter way to enhance asset inspection activities?

Maximl's Connected Worker Platform ensures equipment uptime and yield to improve the safety, quality and efficiency of asset inspections

Create intelligent work SOPs
Create intelligent work-orders and SOPs

Eliminate paper and create digital work instructions. Utilize our pre-built templates to save time. Keep your instructions up-to-date and make it easily accessible for operators.

Get a holistic view of asset health

Make timely and data-driven decisions with rich-media and real-time progress reports. Maximl integrates with your existing systems to centralize and normalize data from different sources to give comprehensive insights.

Holistic view of asset health
Reduce cost mitigate risks
Reduce costs and mitigate risk

Digital inspections shorten the time per job. It cuts costs incurred on travel to physical locations and lost productivity hours. Further, access to remote asset data helps predict and mitigate failures early on.

Improve productivity and safety

By integrating with your ERP, GIS, CMMS systems, Maximl’s platform unifies data for prompt defect detection, incident response, and prioritization.

Improve productivity & Safety

Achieve operational excellence with Maximl


Reduction in non productive time (NPT)


Increase in OEE


Reduction in new hire training time


Improvement in Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)


Improvement in Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)


Decrease in re-work

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Maximl solutions are live at 100+ sites across the globe

Listen from our clients


Maximl helped BPCL to optimize their Asset Monitoring

“Maximl Asset Monitoring tool is an effective solution, gives us continuous feedback and visibility of the status of the activity”

Maintenance Head



Maximl helped Indian Oil to streamline their shutdown activities

“Maximl STO tool assisted us in regular monitoring of shutdown activities, delay aversion of critical tasks and structured daily reviews with management”


IOCL, Paradip

Maximl helped Hindustan petroleum to take real-time critical decisions on field

“Maximl’s Project Management solution unifies data from multiple users on to a shared platform in near real-time. This helps us take quick decisions during schedule sensitive projects like Refinery Turnaround.”

Maintenance Planning Head


Maximl helped Reliance Industries Limited to optimize their STO processes

“Maximl’s solution helped us greatly in efficient collaboration on shutdown activities, dynamic CP analysis and automated dashboards for reporting.”

Group Lead, CoE

Reliance Industries Limited

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Shailesh Yadav

Asst. Manager, Civil Maint, BPCL (MR)

It was a wonderful experience working with the team at Maximl Labs during our Shutdown. You guys filled the most important gap that has existed i.e., the gap in inter-personal or inter-department/section communication. This time all information was available to me at all times through your solution and I did not have to go through the pain of calling a meeting every time I had to discuss or covey something important. And all this was made so simple and user friendly with the interactive interface, avoiding any complexities. It felt like an upgrade from a retail market to online shopping.

Some key highlights were:

  • Monitoring of critical path, especially when its constantly changing
  • Effective communication and follow-up workflows
  • Centralized knowledge with overall progress of all the jobs